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“I worked with Brendan for over seven years and can categorically state that he is unparalleled with his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for cycling.  From organization to motivation with practical experience thrown in, he gives the athletes he works with all the tools to be successful within a fun, respectful environment.  BA coaches from the heart and those who benefit from his expertise, come away winners”.


Denise Kelly- Canadian National Women’s Road Cycling Head Coach.



“Without Brendan I wouldn't be even close to the BMX athlete I am today. His expert coaching helped me build my platform as an amateur athlete, which has significantly helped me in the professional world of BMX”.


Amelia Walsh – Factory Yess, National Women’s Elite BMX Champion and Canadian National Team Athlete.


“Brendan was the first coaching influence I ever had, at the age of 6. Everything he did for me has molded me into the BMX athlete I am today. He taught me everything from skills to mental preparation and nutrition. Without him I could not of made it to the level I am at now”.


Corey Walsh – Factory DKOI, Canadian National Team Athlete.



"Brendan's passion for cycling is highly contagious. His focused yet light-hearted nature is a perfect fit to inspire and develop lifelong athletes across all disciplines. Brendan was a huge encourager when I made the decision to pursue sport at a higher level."


Annie Foreman-Mackey - Canadian Women's National Track Pursuit Team, CSG Gold Medallist.



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