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Rising Stars BMX Next Gen Academy

The last few months has been super busy with setting up the 2015 season, working on the Pan Am games and also doing lots of coaching at Joyride 150.

I am contracted to the OCA to create and develop a BMX Academy for up and comers in the sport with a goal of finding athletes that have the performance to represent Canada in the 2024/28 Olympic Games.

This process has been very rewarding. We have had applications, evaluations and the first round of fitness testing was just completed this weekend. Its great to see so many kids interested and I am so excited to have selected 10 athletes that will make up the training group for 2015.

In this group we have 6 National Champions, 3 riders ranked in the top 15 in the USA and 5 riders ranked in the top 40 in the USA. Also riders that have made the main at World Championships, needless to say this is the best group of young riders I have ever been involved with hands down and we are excited to make some waves on the North American scene.

The focus of the group is skills and tactics, training in a daily/weekly environment and becoming world class on the bike and off it.

The journey begins...bring on 2015 !!


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